What Is Turnkey:

This is a complete design & installation management service. Product specifications, schedules and deliveries are timelined to coincide with building requirements and phase conclusions 


Why Engage :

Turnkey is a professional design and project coordination pack. Design & Conker provides support to clients, contractors and  specialist teams, on and off site, to maintain quality installation



Regular site reports assures monitored progress, craftmanship and deviation drawings are at hand. Deliveries are coordinated in tandem with requirements and clients are removed from the hassle of making daily decisions. The communication platform offers weekly updates and simple jargon-busting explanations


What Is Spatial Planning:

Measuring internal spaces to then re-configure and allocate to various rooms, thereby, maximising every available centimetre is integral to spatial awareness and proper interior designing


What's The Deal:

Get it wrong and you end up with that wasted corner space in one room and a tad bit less in the adjacent for a decent walk in shower ... and ''hindsight is a wonderful thing'' springs to mind


It's Not For Everyone:

Knowledge of human ergonomics and mathematics are key to accurately planning a new interior layout. When designing for the less abled, elderly or other specific needs movement and access allowances apply. This is the very serious part of being a professional interior designer: making the practical beautiful 



Who Needs The Consultancy Service:

Clients who know what they want to achieve but require a bit of guidance benefit from this more decorative design service


What's In The Pack:

We explore furniture designs, furnishings, wallpapers, colours, lighting and accessories. That mood, sample and sketch board is all that's needed to create your very own inspirational design


Surely There A Bonus:

You are steered in the direction of reputable product suppliers. You're also advised on how to achieve the desired look while being savvy. Tips and tricks of the trade are always at hand ...

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